Major Dieties

Gods of Light

Ufnord, God of Fluff (Neutral Good)

As the God of Fluff, Softness and All Things Comfortable, Ufnord and His priests enjoy an insulated existence spent in meditation upon the softer aspects of life. Usually stereotyped as intellectuals with little care for worldly matters, followers of Ufnord have developed a reputation for aloof detachment. Worshipers often seek to improve the lives of others, so that more people will have the leisure and inclination to contemplate the glory of Ufnord. Ufnord’s most important commandment is: Take My fluff throughout the world, and wherever the fluff be lacking, there spread My fluff thickest so that all may experience My fluff and sleep more comfortably upon it.
Domains: Cloud(Air), Knowledge, Freedom(Liberation), Pleasure

The Lady Alondra , Goddess of Good Fortune (Neutral)

As the Goddess of Luck and Good Fortune, Alondra shines favor upon those who take risks and blesses those who deal harshly with the followers of Asmodeus, the Plotter of Misfortunes. Her clergy, leave their fates in The Lady’s Hands as they travel the land, enhancing the fortunes of others through their good works. Alondra’s dogma is: One should live boldly, for to be bold is to live. A willingness to take risks and a brave heart beat out carefully wrought plans nine times out of ten. Trust in your own luck and place yourself in the hands of fate. Chase your own unique goals, and the Lady will aid in the chase. Without direction or goals, you will soon know the embrace of misfortune, for those on no set course are at the mercy of misfortune, which has no mercy at all.
Domains: Luck, Travel, Good, Chaos

Major Dieties

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