The fourth planet circling a white star, the world of Aultols contains vast oceans, sprawling deserts, howling tundra, endless rolling plains and lush green jungles. Two crater-scarred moons, one white the other blue, cross the night skies.

Known Landmasses

  • Orldeza is the second largest continent and home to the most diverse array of races and cultures. It remains south of the frozen island continent of Wyrzelga. It lies east across the Veulcora Sea from Zuan Zan and west across the Paejoel Brine from Kalvkeka. The continent has been divided into three large kingdoms known as Dezas, by a triumvirate of dragon monarchs.
  • Zuan Zan is a land far across the Veulcora Sea west from Orldeza and northeast from Nalzulk. Ancient and powerful kingdoms, including the Emerald Kingdom of Rokugan, have defined the history of this land. Despite its remote location, merchants from Kalvkeka travel here, attempting to engage in trade for rare minerals, exotic animals, and the latest Zuanite cuisine.
  • Nalzulk is said to be the origin of the ancient race of reptilian humanoids know to scholars as the xulgaths, whos descendants would become the troglodytes, lizardfolk, and vishkanya. Dominated mostly by thick, humid jungles and endless mushy quagmire, the few stories and artifacts of Nalzulk that have survived come from the traditions both oral and mystic of both the lizardfolk and troglodytes. The stories tell of large communities of the xulgaths flourishing in large stone temples amid the giant roots of mile high trees and the domestication of an insectoid slave race thought to be the progenitors of the Thri-kreen.
  • Wyrzelga is the icy northern continent that sits atop the world of Aultols. Surround on all sides by the frigid waters of Shuktalic and slowly carved by titanic glaciers, it is the ancestral home of mighty Ulfen tribes, marauding giants, hardy glacial dwarves, and reclusive snow elves.


  • Na’ilu- The white moon over Aultols, Na’ilu is both smoother and smaller than Beghragu and also further away becoming obscured by the larger blue satellite as they dance past the stars. Every 500 years, elves and scholars celebrate the Festival of the Eye, the only time Na’ilu passes in front of Beghragu.
  • Beghragu- The blue moon in Aultols’s sky, Beghragu is the larger, crater filled orb that lights the night skies. Both closer and larger than Na’ilu, impacts on Beghragu by asteroids has given rise to rumors that it’s pock marked surface is made of blue cheese fermented by some long forgotten diety and set to pass through the night sky, taunting the hungry.


  • Shuktalic – The iceberg strewn waters that surround Wyrzelga to the north. Sailors tell stories of horrid monstrosities pulling men from ship railings to take back to their undersea cities as slaves.
  • Veulcora Sea – Separating Orldeza from Zuan Zan, Veulcora’s amethyst waters swathe the dawn in veils of violet mists.
  • Paejoel Brine – Home to the merfolk kingdom of Blub, the Paejoel’s deep green waters sit between Orldeza and Kalvkeka.
  • Sea of Xokra – Vast and mysterious the waters of Xokra hold few known landmasses but stories abound of islands that rise from the depths only to disappear as randomly as they occur. Half mad sailors rescued from sea after particularly violent storms tell tales of monstrous fish overlords making slaves of those they kidnap beneath the waves.


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