@..........@ The Cauldera Herald @..........@
6th Day, 12th Month, 274th Year After the Dalgaz Wall

Morning Edition

“The volcano is dormant, but the news never sleeps.”


by Sallow Fernsby

Only six days after the disappearances of 4 local orphans it appears a group of adventurers, now tentatively being called the Seekers of Cauldera, have located the source of this secret scourge threatening our fair city. The loss of these orphans was just the latest in a string of mysterious disappearances that has been quietly plaguing Cauldera for several months. Our sources within the Lord-Mayor’s manor claim that a joint effort by the Churches of Iomedae and Wee Jas proved successful in uncovering a slave ring working under the very foundations of our noble burg. It appears an entrance to the all but forgotten gnomish enclave of Jzadirune was being used by foul creatures of the Lands Below to kidnap and sell innocent citizens and their property. Though it saddens me to report it, it appears that our city’s own master locksmith Keygan Ghelve, is being held on charges of sedition and resistance of the law for involvement with the kidnappings.Will the Council close this access way to evil once and for all? Can our citizens sleep safely knowing a path to horrors unknown sits open below their feet? It is our hope to get to the bottom of this startling development and report on it further.

A Sheltered Night's Sleep
Ulfen Hospitality

4th Day, 12th Month, 274th Year After the Dalgaz Wall

Today marks our first night in safety since our encounter with the pirates of the Naughty Nereid. After our encounter at the Trout Lake Outpost, I dared not think we’d ever have a good night’s sleep again. The Ulfen have been nothing but magnanimous to us since we met them on the trail this morning. They are a hardy people, living in this oft frozen tundra, constantly under duress from wild beasts and worse, it is no small wonder how they’ve managed to keep their traditions of hospitality and unity in lands under the rule of Gelkonimaros. Talking to the inn keeper, Maugdin, it seems that their remoteness is a blessing in disguise, as it is rare for anyone but the most hardcore of merchants/fugitives to even pass this way as there are safer passes through the Dark Spine Mountains to reach Icedale and Frostmarch. I’m reminded of home, in the Huldra Woods, where our only protection from the outside world is the magic of Queen Temaria. Without her, I doubt the goodly fey could survive long. Tomorrow the party plans to trek up into the mountains to visit a hermit craftsman of some local renown. We shall see if this Mr. Stoner will be worth the trip.

- Eliodoro, Sorcerer of the Fey

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